Friday, October 26, 2007

Young Peter is growing-up!

I am a very big fan of Peter Cincotti. I could listen to that voice all day.


He is wonderful...and I have no idea why Michael Buble is selling-out Radio City Music Hall while most people aren't familiar with the tremendous Peter Cincotti.


I have said it.

Michael Buble (and yes, I enjoy Mr. Buble very much) cannot hold a CANDLE to Peter Cincotti.

His new album was just released (I actually had to order the import because I just couldn't wait any longer...) and young Peter has grown-up quite a bit since his last one.

I have to admit, when I rave about Peter to others, I kind of take on the role of proud Great-Aunt. I have no idea why. We are the same age, but I always think of him as being very young. Maybe it is because, like myself, Peter seems to be from a different era. I have always felt that I would have fit in much better in 1941, and I often feel pretty young and old-fashioned compared to my peers. Peter and I both lost our dads when we were kids, and I know how much that messes one have to grow-up really fast, but at the same time, a part of you will always be that age when everything changed.

I read an interview with Peter once in which he said something along the lines of, "I should have been around in the 1940's...when people would wear nice hats to dinner."

That is absolutely something I would say.

Peter Cincotti is a kindred spirit.

This new album, East of Angel Town, seems to target those of Peter's own generation instead of his grandparents'. (And all of those eighty-year-olds in the form of twenty-somethings, like myself.)

At first, I was skeptical, because Peter's early stuff was perfect as it was...and why mess with perfection? However,I am already absolutely in love with this new album, even though some of the songs are a bit suggestive...

Such as "Always Watching You."

Peter is looking out the window at his attractive neighbor.

I gotta keep lookin' out
Through the window
Tryin' to read your mind
I'm looking at you lying down
On your pillow
Wishin' I was by your side
I'm tryin' so hard
But I can't keep my mind on anything I do
'Cause I'm always watching you

Okay, catchy tune, and when Peter played this at his concert in June, he was quite playful and sly. If it was some sleazy old man singing it, it would be pretty creepy, but a cute and charming 24-year-old boy (who likes to wear nice hats!) seems to be able to pull it off.

I have listened to "Man on a Mission" over and over already...I think this song is in the same vein as "Your Body is a Wonderland."

Ringing phone wakes you up
Pulling you away
I forgot the end of the world
Was scheduled for today
Tell them you got things to do
(And one of them is me)
tell them that you got the flu
Ah, tell them anything

(Makes me his girlfriend in this song a workaholic? Is that why he has taken to watching the girl in the window in the building across the street? Hmmm.) Also, he uses the word "kama sutral" in this song. Is that a word?

And then there is "Witch's Brew"...

Unplug the phone
And disconnect the cable
I want to make a movie
Like nobody's ever seen

The last track is called "Country Life." Now, I love New York City so, so incredibly much. I really can't imagine being away from it for too long.

However, there are days when everything just seems so crazy and crowded and hectic that I just want to get away. Peter has the same sentiments in this song:

Taxi Cabs and traffic jams
And subways underground
Don't you miss the days when all we'd hear
Were nature's quiet sounds?
I'm tired of just remembering
When there are memories left to make
Just you and me and a hundred miles
Of greenery and lake

That really just makes me want to pack up and move to the country and swing in a hammock.

(But I would probably get bored after a couple of days and miss the lights of Broadway...)

I truly think Peter is one of the most talented youngsters (there I go again!) out there and the fact that he's not selling-out stadiums after three albums just bewilders me!

(I also really want him to play Joe Cable in the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific next year. Can he act? I don't know. But I want to hear him sing "Younger than Springtime." And I bet he'd look really really really cute in a 1940's soldier uniform. Yeah...I guess that's an odd thing for a Great-Aunt to say.)

Diana Rissetto