Monday, October 15, 2007

Okay, here are the rules, Lola Lu

I am not going to meet you for a few weeks, but I'd like to lay down some rules for you, just to get things straight.

You will never, ever, EVER live up to LuLu.


So don't even TRY.

You will never see me through childhood, as LuLu did.

You will never help me cope with my father's death, as LuLu did.

You will never curl-up next to me for a few minutes before I have to wake-up to go to middle school and high school.

You will never sit next to me, an ever-comforting presence, as I watch, shocked and heartbroken, coverage of 9/11

You will also never be there next to me on the couch as I cry over the memorials for Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy, Jr.

You will never run around the house in circles like a complete maniac. (Well, you probably will...but not the way that LuLu did it.)

You will never be my first pet. We will never have shared the very first ride home together, sitting in the backseat, like LuLu and I did.

You will forever be in LuLu's shadow.

And LuLu's shadow, despite her small stature, is very very big.

Maybe I WILL soften towards you if you ever learn how to roll-over the entire length of the living room the moment that you see a milkbone, the way that LuLu used to do.

I understand that it is, by no means, YOUR fault, little Lola Lu, that LuLu was almost 16-years-old and really HAD to go on to a better place.

I understand that it is, by no means, YOUR fault, little Lola Lu, that my mother decided to get another little white dog less than two days after MY little white dog left us.

I MIGHT be able to accept a new little white dog into my life...

You really are very cute and I'm sure you are a very nice little dog.

I just need some time.

Diana Rissetto