Monday, July 23, 2007

I feel like I need to make an official statement...

...regarding the very last Harry Potter book.

Because it's what everybody is doing.

I worked at Barnes and Noble for about 43 years, so I had the distinct honor of dressing up as Hermione for more than one Harry Potter Midnight Madness release party.

(I wasn't ordered to. I really, really just WANTED to be Hermione, and as the only staff member with long, curly brown hair, I rocked that costume. I brushed out my hair to get it as frizzy as can be, donned some knee socks and made several phonecalls to my male friends asking if any had an orange necktie I could borrow. As people walked behind me at the store, they commented, "You REALLY look like her from the back!!!!")

I was the best Hermione ever. And I like to think, at Friday night's release party at my former workplace, there was a horrible void where myself and my Hermione attire once stood.

Harry Potter release parties are dangerous, dangerous, DANGEROUS events.

Looking back, I consider it a small miracle that I have survived to tell about them.

However, I am thrilled to see excited about BOOKS.

I picked up my copy of the seventh book on Saturday morning, and I did what I think MANY people did (but won't admit to...)

I read the last chapter first.

And it made me smile!

(Spoilers ahead.)

Because the ONE thing I have wanted from the Harry Potter series for the last several years has finally come true.

Hermione and Ron have declared their undying love for one another!

(It's moments like these when I realize that I really really need a life, because I have gotten WAY too caught up in the love lives of fictional teenagers.)

Hermione and Ron have been my favorite part of these books since Day 1.

They bickered, they sparred...but deep down, we all just KNEW how much they really cared about one another. I remember a scene in one of the earlier books. Ron and Harry are fighting, and Hermione is very upset about it. When the boys finally make up, Hermione throws herself into Ron's arms. He awkwardly pats her on the head. In the 6th book, as Hermione is sobbing at Dumbledore's funeral, Ron holds her and strokes her hair. I loved this! Loved how they evolved. And throughout this very last one, we see them getting closer and closer. Ron is constantly putting his arm around Hermione when she is upset about something, and finally finally FINALLY they are together, 19 years in the future.

(As pathetic as this might sound, every single other character could have met horrible deaths, but as long as Hermione and Ron were together, I wouldn't have cared. Okay. That's not true. But pretty close.)

Diana Rissetto