Thursday, June 28, 2007

I was a happy kid...really...

The other night, I found an old notebook of mine. I used to sit in class and write, completely tuning out my teacher. People often thought I was just taking really really good notes...but I wasn't. I was writing.

I laughed as I reread snippets of stories and scripts I had worked on and thought were, at the time, positively brilliant and would make me terribly rich and famous.

Wow, they were all quite tragic and fill with a great deal of melodrama and death. I was, for the most part, a very happy, bubbly kid...but when I read over these things, it makes me wonder if I had some serious issues...

Some of the standouts:

-A friendship story about two guys (one is a baseball player, the other a pianist...I know, I know) and the tomboyish girl (who of course grows into a beauty and they both fall in love with.) The two boys go off to war, and they each lose an arm. (One loses a left, the other, a right. Obviously.) They come home from the war. The girl and the armless pianist get together, the baseball player becomes depressed and frustrated. I'm not sure how it happens, but he tries to play baseball again, fall wrong on his lost arm socket, and bleeds internally and die. The last scene is 10 years in the future, when the pianist and the girl are watching their little son play baseball. He is named after the dead friend, and the girl goes, "I guess there's more to a name than Shakespeare gave credit, isn't there?" The little boy cries, "We won! We won!" or something, then Dad swings the little boy into the air and they all go walking off into the sunset together.

-Another WWII storyline. This woman's husband leaves her and their two children for another woman. And, she's dying. She goes to spend her last summer at a beachtown with her kids and former mother-in-law. It is there she meets a slightly younger man who lost his ability to speak in the war. (Not sure if it was an emotional shock thing, or that he got shot in the throat.) They fall in love. She dies. He gets custody of the kids. The last scene was him writing their names in the sand, and watching the waves wash over them, but never washing away their names.

-This one was actually a full-length screenplay. A boy and girl grow-up the best of friends. He becomes a priest. She marries a police officer. The police officer dies. The girl is faced with a dangerous pregnancy. The priest encourages her to have an abortion to save her life. There's a miracle, and she survives and years later, they're all at the First Communion of her daughter. (Also, she ends up marrying the priest's brother, who was always in love with her.)

I read way too much Danielle Steel as a kid.

Way too much.

Diana Rissetto