Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I never really realized... strict my parents were while I was growing up while I was actually growing up.

It's funny, because I don't exactly remember being disciplined. I just KNEW I couldn't act a certain way in public.

When I first started working in the bookstore, they stuck me in the children's department because, at the time, I was one of the very few girls and it seemed a natural place to leave me. Nobody loves children more than I do...seriously...but over the years, I saw the most appalling behavior, not from the children, but from their idiot parents.

One day, for instance, a little girl was standing on one of the tables. I had visions of her slipping, breaking a bone, her family suing my store.

In my lovliest Miss Mollie voice, I said, "Ohhh, please don't stand on the table! I don't want you to get hurt!"

Under his breath, her daddy goes, "SHE obviously doesn't have's not like she was climbing on the bookshelves or something."

I really don't understand WHAT my having or not having children really has to do with the fact that his child was climbing all over the place like a little monkey.

I really should have burst into tears and went, "Actually...yes...I DO have a child...but my parents forced me to give it up for adoption when I was 16...they took it away from me right after it was born! I don't even know if it was a boy or a girl!"

(Another episode of, "Diana, you really DO watch too many Lifetime movies!")

Today I went out to eat with my mother. Now, we were in a diner, and I understand there will be families, there will be little children. (Might I repeat...nobody loves little kids more than I do.)

However...this gang sitting near us caused the majority of the other people eating to request to be moved.

There were four grown women (two of which were pregnant...oh, hurray...there will be more of them this time next year!!!!), and three little boys.

By the end of the meal, these children were flinging french fries at the waitstaff while their moms chatted and didn't even look over at them. A disgruntled waitress started cleaning up, looking obviously quite annoyed, and these moms STILL didn't react.

The children got out of their chairs and started climbing by the windows and playing under the blinds.

These moms STILL didn't do a blasted thing.

Finally, they finished their dinner (and I think there was a collective sigh of relief from the rest of the diner when they didn't order dessert), and they started to leave. The moms actually realized, now, many minutes after the fact, that these wonderful children had thrown food all over the floor. They told the kids to pick it up, and then said, "Good boy!"

"Good boy!"??????????????


For making a huge mess and then picking up a freaking french fry off the floor after they were ordered to?

It absolutely boggles my mind.

The waitress came by with our check and then told me that she hopes I learned my lesson and won't have kids until I am 100.

I doubt that I will take that advice, but I must say, I am still at that stage in my life when I enjoy spending time with little kids and knowing I can send them back when the day is through.

Diana Rissetto