Sunday, December 16, 2007

Suddenly...the wheels are in motion...

I am taking a break from the new Peter Cincotti album (have I mentioned lately that this kid is INCREDIBLE? The voice, the lyrics, the my two-year-old little cousin would say...awesomeamazing!) and Christmas music (which is saying A LOT for me this time of year...I haven't listened to the 98 Degrees' Christmas album in three days...say what you will, but those boys have some great, warm holiday voices!) to listen to the Xanadu Broadway cast recording on repeat.

I am pretty sure the world is, if only slightly, a better place now that this album exists.

Also, the writer in me is really beginning to idolize Douglas Carter Beane, who wrote the book of the show. His linear notes on the CD are quite hilarious, and the last line of the introduction is rather inspiring and touching.

And I also hope that one day, if you're working on something that you really care about and somebody says it's not going to be any think of the place that nobody dared to go-Douglas Carter Beane

Thank you, Mr. Beane. There are those out there who think that a musical comedy about Anne Frank's much-overlooked older sister isn't going to be funny or good at all. Well, we believe in it, Mr. Beane!!!!

I love this show. (I know what you are saying..."Diana, you also love shows about girls who get kicked in the head by Shetland Ponies, and you also loved In My Life, the musical romance of a young man with Tourettes' Syndrome who falls in love with a girl with OCD, while the boys' mother and sister, who were killed in a car accident, watch from Heaven and dance ALSO admit to loving the 98 Degrees Christmas album!" me on this one. Xanadu is brilliant. All your worries completely go away for ninety minutes. And, as always, Cheyenne Jackson completely delivers!!!)

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