Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm sure if you poll a bunch of celebrities, they will give you all different kinds of examples of when they first realized that they were kinda famous...the first time they were recognized in the street and asked for their autograph or stared at in the supermarket. I remember hearing Sandra Bullock say that she knew she was recognizable when a woman in a movie theatre told her she looked like the girl from Speed.

And then there are stories about when they realized that they were SUPERfamous. Landing on the cover of InTouch for gaining 4 pounds. Abdomens being carefully observed for possible pregnancies. (I remember Katie Holmes belly button being analyzed through her shirt once to tell if her pregnancy was authentic. Come ON! That is just WEIRD!)

(I have never experienced any of this. Once when I was on the train, a little girl was whispering to her mother and then they looked at me and asked if I worked at Barnes and Noble. I did! It was very exciting to be recognized out-of-context, and I guess the girl who does Story Hour at Barnes and Noble DOES hold a certain kind of stature among little people. But, although I WAS the lead story on Access Hollywood in my day, I am not famous. At all. A few years ago, some guy did come up to me after a concert and told me how great I was. I looked at him, confused. He just kept going, thinking I was being modest, "No, really! You were AMAZING!" Then he realized that I wasn't Broadway actress Mandy Gonzalez. I remember that incident fondly. I really just want the smallest amount of celebrity it requires to qualify to be a star on Dancing with the Stars.)

And then, if you are TRULY a superstar, the special day will come when you have a Facebook (I am pretty sure Facebook WILL indeed be the death of us all one day)fangroup dedicated to...

Your thighs.


I have spoken before on here about Cheyenne Jackson, who has had a very crazy couple of years, rising from obscurity to become the beloved Broadway and burgeoning film and TV star that he is today. He is also one of the nicest guys in the world as well.

And he has a whole Facebook group dedicated to his thighs.

I really have no idea why I am so amused by this. There are Facebook groups for everything these days. (There are about 43 groups dedicated to people who always mix-up Helen Keller and Anne Frank. Seriously! I noticed that people do do that...why is it? Because they were both played by Melissa Gilbert at some point?)

I am pretty sure this means the boy has officially made it.

Congratulations, Mr. Cheyenne Jackson.

Group Info Name: Cheyenne Jackson's Thighs: The 8th Wonder of the World
Type: Entertainment & Arts - Theater
Description: In the words of my friend April, "His thighs go on for days!"

In China, there was a threat of a monsoon that would devour the entire nation. The temples, factories, infrastructure, and way of life would be destroyed. The people of China would be swept away by this vicious force of nature.

And then, there was Cheyenne.

The people of China climbed his mountainous thighs to shield themselves from the disaster, not unlike Noah's Ark. Yet, unlike Noah's Ark, the entire population could climb on board, carrying anything they cared to save. The people of China created entire villages upon his thighs. The monsoon wreaked havoc for 40 days and 40 nights, yet by the end of the monsoon, all of China were saved by Cheyenne Jackson's wondrous thighs.

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