Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sharing some holiday clips...

One of my favorite performers, Peter Cincotti, singing "My Favorite Time of Year"...he's such a throwback to a nicer era. Absolutely love this kid!!! What a gorgeous voice and he just has multitudes of style and class.

"In this crazy New York town...where dreams are often found..."

It really makes me want to go dancing in the street in a fancy dress and shiny shoes. In the snow.

(As I also feel about Harry Connick, Jr., watching Peter in action really makes me wish I had learned to play the piano at some point.)

Another all-time favorite...Harry Connick, Jr. (Try not to dig too deep into this video...don't start asking yourself, "Who are all these children? Are they elves? Orphans? Where are their parents? What's up with the girl with the snowglobe? Why do they give Harry a wrapped-chair and all cheer?" Just focus on the very very pretty music and voice and the very very wonderful Mr. Connick.)

A classic...Christmas Eve on Sesame Street...Bert and Ernie sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", after Mr. Hooper saves the day. I really cry just THINKING about this number!

This is a nice little video...and it gets extra points for showing The People Tree, which is a staple in my childhood Christmas memories.

"Don't slip on the icy patch!"

My favorite movie ever ever ever...whether it's December or May.


Diana Rissetto

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