Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Congratulations, Helio and Julianne!!!

Also, it was very nice to see Albert Reed again. I liked that guy!

To remind everybody of one of my greatest goals:

It WILL happen some day!!!


Annette said...

I loved getting to see AR again! (As you could probably tell by the text message I sent you.)

Apolo was there - was he clean shaven? I didn't see that little tuft below his lip thing.

I found that this year I wasn't as into it, because I didn't either love OR dislike any of the contestants. I wanted Helio to win despite thinking he wasn't the most technically talented, because I thought he was best artistically. But I wouldn't have been upset either way. I think if Albert Reed had the chance to be on long enough to really win fans over, I would have been cheering for him big time!

DianaGolightly said...

I know! I think everybody would have fallen in love with Albert!!!