Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Son, the Season's Over...the complete lyrics.

I am so winning my first Country Music grammy for this.

You might remember...


(Please know that I am not being serious...however, I do think "Son, the Season's Over" will be a spectacular hit.)

He was just nothing but a fifth-grade boy
With a beagle named Sparky and an older sister he loved to annoy
But everything changed on that springtime day
When all he did was go out to the ballpark to play

Some woman said she was an agent
and handed him a card
And said with a face like that
He'd surely be a star

He took the number home to Mama
And they gave her a call
And for one afternoon, he missed playing ball
They got him a headshot, and then he read some scenes
And made a Hollywood actor out of a little boy in just a red shirt and blue jeans

For that next whole year, he was American's darlin'
Three motion pictures and a sitcom he was starrin'
After three months in LA, he couldn't wait to get back home
Always surrounded by people, yet he just felt so alone

He got off the bus, with one thing on his mind
That life of a little boy that he had to leave behind
"Mama, how's my Little League team doing
Have they won
Will they take me back?
Because I miss the smell of the grass
And my best friends Bobby and Jack"

He looked up at her with those big brown eyes
And that look on his face had nearly broken her heart
She had to tell him that the season was over
When it seemed like it barely had start
And then she said, "Son, the season's over"
And he said, "Mama, I am done"
"I wanna give up being a big time movie star
And just hit one more home run"

Thirty years later, his daddy had died
And they all hugged each other 'round his beside and cried
But the son was smiling
Because he was believin'
That where his daddy had gone
It was ALWAYS baseball season

Diana Rissetto

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