Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chick Lit

I worked at Barnes and Noble for about 94 years, and over those years, I brought home many stripped books (when a book isn't selling and they can't return it to the vender, so they had to RIP THE COVERS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! and trash the books. Those were freebies) and advanced copies (which were kept in a basket in the breakroom and were also freebies.) I brought home as many books as I could with the intention on reading them ALL, but never got around to them until I had a flat tire a year ago and had to empty out my trunk to get to the spare. I finally had to go through the dozens of books that had built up there over the years.

There was a great deal of Chick Lit in my trunk...("Chick Lit in my Trunk"...now, THAT is my next country western song...)

The other day, I brought along an advanced copy (at least, it was an advanced copy back in 2000) of Meg Cabot's (the author of The Princess Diaries) to read on the train.

It's a breezy, cute little New York City story. One paragraph struck a chord with me...

I admire people with goals and all, but shouldn't women in this day and age be striving to help improve the planet, or at least their community in some small way, instead of focusing all of their energy on finding a husband? I guess I should be more accepting of other people's dreams, but, really, I don't think marrying an investment banker is going to solve all of your problems. I just don't. I mean, it might HELP, in the long run, with rent and everything, but you can't just go around life being Mrs. Investment Banker. I mean, you have to find where YOU as an individual, not Mrs. Whoever You Marry, fits into the world. And, franklyy, no matter how many Upper East Side bars you hit on a Saturday night, there is no guarentee you are going to meet someone decend in any of them. All the bridal magazines in the world aren't going to change that. I mean, you're better off volunteering somewhere. At least that way you'll be doing something to improve the earth, in addition to trolling for a man. So it won't be a COMPLETE waste.

Truer words have never been spoken.

I am 25-years-old without a fellow in sight. Most of the guys I come into contact with are gay (that happens when your professional and social life involves New York City theatre...)

All of a sudden, everybody around me is getting married. (And I mean EVERYBODY, even an old friend who said numerous times since we were 8 that she didn't believe in marriage and never planned on marrying.)

I am starting to feel quite left-out that I am the only girl without a MySpace photo my my jeweled left hand covering my face. ("Look at me! Look at me! I am engaged!") Heck, I might take one of those photos just so I will no longer feel left-out.

I really do want to get married and have children, hopefully sometime before 2034. However, I am not worried at all, but, at the same time, I am also worried that I am NOT worrying. Do we NEED to worry and stress in order to find a husband? Do the girls who are "husband hunting" know what they are doing? Is going to college and majoring in "pre-wed" to get your "MRS" degree (yes, I have heard of people using those expressions...) the only way to go? A guy isn't going to fall out of the sky, after all...

Right now, I shall live my life for ME and if a guy comes along, it will be because it is the right person and the right time. I have my writing, my job, my friends, tons of theatre to see, books to read and, starting in September, Irish stepdancing lessons to take. (Wahoo!)

The bar scene is a completely other story. I am going to make a confession...I have never been drunk in my entire life. Never. It's not a matter of principle or anything...I just never have really felt the desire to.

However, it has been my experience that the only way you WILL enjoy yourself in a bar scene and even THINK of talking to a guy or giving him your number is if you are completely drunk. At my sister's bachelorette party a few weeks ago, a guy came over to us and asked if there were any drunk or horny girls among us. Now, I don't care HOW drunk ANY of your are...that is degrading and disgusting and there is never an excuse to talk to a young lady like that.

Plus, we live near the ocean...yes, lots of nice guys come down to the bars along the shore on weekends looking for a smart girl to have an meaningful relationship with. Of course!

Besides, I don't want to meet my future husband in a bar...I really want a great "how we met" story (like the couple in the NY Times wedding announcements who met at a crossword puzzle convention and then he proposed to her in a crossword puzzle!)

Now, THAT is a Chick Lit book waiting to happen.

Diana Rissetto

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