Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's a city of strangers.......................

This city...I kiss the ground of it...some day...I want to get dressed up all in dress, black shoes, black hat...everything black...and go to some bar...and sit at the counter...and drink...and cry...that is my idea of honest-to-God sophistication! That is New York!

The above is a quote from the Broadway musical Company.

I sat next to my friend Laura when we saw this show (courtesy of free tickets from my former company and her current company).

When Marta said those lines, Laura and I looked at each other with wide eyes and we were both thinking the same thing...


(We still haven't. And it's been a while. However, I'm sure we'll get around to it. The closest I have come to that was back a few months ago when I went to a Purim festival dressed as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The party wasn't far from Tiffany, and I walked past it in my black dress, hair swept up, long black gloves and sunglasses, and gazed up at Tiffany longingly. The tourists didn't look twice at me, and I was really disappointed nobody asked if they could take a picture with me...maybe that's because the tiara was in my purse. Even I have my limits. However, I think that any girl who says she doesn't secretly dream about walking past Tiffany dressed as Holly Golightly is a liar.)

However, we are now planning on doing something else out-there and New York with some kind of a costume...

Yesterday, as Laura and I and another friend were roaming around Times Square after work (one exciting moment? When I thought I saw Prince William walk by on a cellphone...because I thought if it HAD been him, I could go over and knock into him or walk beside him long enough to be photographed, and soon everybody would be talking about that mysterious girl named Diana who has been spotted with Prince William, leading me to landing a spot on Dancing with the Stars! )

As we walked, we started discussing what a girl could do with a wedding gown if she has a failed engagement. (Weddings have been on our minds lately. Everybody around us is getting married. I have a wedding tomorrow, and maid-of-honor duties for my sister in September.) You could never wear that gown again if you marry another guy down the could sell it on Ebay (my cousin's fiancee bought a wedding dress off of Ebay though, and was very disappointed when she got it) could pack it away with all its lost dreams (stuffed in a trunk with old love letters and potporri)...or...(we suddenly thought)

You could use it as a social experiment. You could put it on and walk into various bars and restaurants and gauge the reactions of people when they see a girl in a big wedding gown breeze in.

I think it would make a great book. I am envisioning 50 chapters, one for each state (so we could see how differently you are treated in various areas. Which states are the friendliest? Which looks at you like you are insane? Or, which just simply ignores you?) or just focus the whole book on New York City (which is doable. It is one nutty city.)

It would also make an amusing movie, and the last scene could be the girl either meeting another random girl in a wedding gown in a bar and realizing she's not as insane and unique as she THOUGHT she was, or finding a guy in a tuxedo and buoutteniere.

Or just walking off into the city night in her wedding gown with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" playing. (I don't know, it seems like a song that is always playing in movies.)

I have already chosen the wedding gown I am going to use for my experiment.

(Isn't it pretty? I am going to look lovely in it as I run around and conduct my social experiment!)

(Come to think of it, maybe being "the crazy girl who wears a wedding gown and goes into different bars to note people's reaction" can be my claim to fame which will get me onto Dancing with the Stars!)

Are you listening to me, ABC?!

Diana Rissetto

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