Thursday, June 14, 2007

"What's a beanie baby?"

Every so often, I feel quite old.

The other night, I watched my cousin's children. The six-year-old was very excited to show me his "Webkinz." When I saw what a "Webkinz" was...small and furry and each different animal had its own name...I said, "Ah,'s like a Beanie Baby!"

Dylan looked up at me and went, "What's a Beanie Baby?" and he grabbed his little sister's baby doll and held it up and asked, "Is THIS a Beanie Baby???"

I shook my head at this clueless, dear little soul.

Children have never heard of Beanie Babies.

We are getting old.

I work with the children of my parish. They are 10 to 14. (I used to think that I only liked very little children, but these preteens have grown on me.) We were putting together care packages for the troops and flipped on the television for some background music.

The movie Titanic was on.

Remember the Titanic craze of nine years ago? You couldn't go ANYWHERE without hearing about the movie, Leo and Kate's beautiful, shining young faces on the cover of every magazine.

My church children started saying stuff like, "Oh, I think I've heard of this movie!" and "My mom loves this movie!"




How old ARE we anyway???

A few months ago, I had a dreadful cold and could barely speak. I rolled out of bed and went ot Rite-Aid, in my pajamas, for some cough syrup.

The pre-pubesent child behind the counter asked me for my ID.

Me: Wait...are you kidding?
Boy: (giggles) Do I LOOK like I am kidding?

I handed him my ID, thinking, smugly..."I still got it! I'm not that old!"

Boy: DUDE! 1982!!! You're older than ME!


Diana Rissetto

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