Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A story about puppets...

When I applied to work for a small theatre company, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew it sounded like some place I could be happy in. After working for a year in the sales office of a theatre company, I was ready to work on the more creative side of things. All I knew was that it was a two-person theatre company, downtown, and was a parttime gig. Sounded great! So I applied! (not that that means much, I am usually not too picky about where I apply, says the girl who interviewed to plan events in a nightclub that has a bowling alley in it...or, a bowling alley with a nightclub...depends on how you look at it.)

And then I got an email asking if I could meet for an interview. The small theatre company was interested in me! I had visions of a tiny, cluttered office, where I'd help them write their plays. I would soon be discovered (either as a writer or an actress)...

I did what any girl in my situation would do...I googled the name of the woman who had emailed me.

She was the agent of a puppeteer.

Then I did what any girl in my situation would do...I googled the puppetman.

I learned he was quite successful, and I considered going in for an interview, if only for the experience.

The job description listed "dog walking" as one of the duties. Now, I wonder, was that a dog puppet or a real dog? I envisioned myself walking a puppet dog down the street, or, even imaginary dog on a leash! I guess I will never know.

However, I also wondered if a friendship with this puppeteer might be a good thing to initiate.

Maybe we could become friends. Best friends!

Maybe he could teach me a thing or two about puppets.

And maybe, just maybe, this could help me eventually get my own children's show. I have always wanted to have my own children's show...(which has always been my ultimate dream). I would do things like teach children the difference between nouns and verbs and, of course, about manners.

I do hope that puppetman did find the perfect assistant he was looking for, and I know that, if it was meant to be, our paths will one day cross again.

Diana Rissetto

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