Monday, June 11, 2007

Concert review: Peter Cincotti

Last week, I saw the word "dreamboat" personified. Not only did I see it, but watched it play the piano and sing its little heart out.

That dreamboat's name is Peter Cincotti.

He's wonderfully talented, incredibly charismatic, and a rare combination of 1945 handsome and 2007 frat boy cute. (Is that possible? I never knew it was possible. But Peter Cincotti proves that it is possible.)

I first became introduced to the music of Peter Cincotti a few years ago when I realized that he was too much like Harry Connick, Jr. for me not to listen to him. Harry Connick, Jr. types in this day and age are rare and far between.

When his second album was released, the bookstore I was working in played it for 8 straight hours. While my coworkers would realize they were subconsciouly singing"I Love Paris" along with Peter and wanted to bash their heads against a dictionary, I couldn't get enough of that album (Which was entitled On the Moon, where I nabbed the title of this journal from.) I remember picking up my own copy of it when my shift ended, and my coworker ringing me up and asking, "Don't you hear this thing ENOUGH during the day?"

No, I didn't. Three years later, it is still my most-played album.

There is also one song on that album which sticks out, clashing with the sweet, romantic, old-fashioned tunes that Peter usually sings. "I know that look's for me/So here's your chance to be/The lucky girl for me to love tonight/This I'm tellin' you/Tomorrow we'll be through/You're just the girl for me to love tonight." (To make it even odder, he wrote that song with his big sister, so I like to think that it's meant to be tongue-in-cheek, with his sister going, "Oh, puh-lease! What girl is looking at YOU with hunger in her eyes???")

As I listened to more and more of Peter's songs and read a few interviews, I learned we had a lot in common. Like myself, Peter lost his father when he was young. (Chronicled in the beautiful song, "He's Watching", which I refuse to listen to while wearing eye makeup of any kind.)

Yeah...a lot in common...and...we are both native New Yorkers, and...both have Italian last names with double consonants.

Fine, that's a stretch...but I was absolutely taken with this young singer.

He has multitudes of class. How many guys in their early 20's have multitudes of class?

(Plus, any guy who records "Rainbow Connection" on his first album and remarks in the linear notes, "...nobody can sing it like Kermit the Frog..." is quality.)

I finally got a chance to see Peter perform last week at The Box downtown.

While the concert was much less-Harry Connick, Jr. and much more Gavin DeGraw, I was completely captivated.

The album is not due out until August, so I cannot go about analyzing and quoting his new songs (much as I'd like to) but my personal favorites of the evening were "Cinderella Beautiful" and "Goodbye Philadelphia."

"Cinderella Beautiful", from what I heard that night, seems to be about Peter reflecting on a lost love, and how he was "Prince Charming" and she was "Cinderella Beautiful."

What a freaking lovely thing for a young man to say to a girl.

you were Cinderella beautiful

I tend to put "crazy" before things to emphasis my point...

Crazy smart

Crazy weird

Crazy busy

Crazy cute

Crazy crazy

And, even "crazy beautiful" and, of course, "crazy ugly."

"Cinderella beautiful", however, is something I would never think of and is my new favorite.

I can't think of any girl who wouldn't want to hear something like that...

Peter also interjected anecdotes in between songs, talking about the differences between Los Angeles and New York (even though LA is more laid-back and people are a lot kinder...he'd rather be in NYC. A boy after my own heart.)

The Box was packed with Peter fans, including his biggest fans, his mama and sister. It's a tiny venue, and Peter (and his trusty piano) were roughly 7 feet away from me (on a diagonal.)

To say that wasn't pure Heaven would be a pure lie...

Keep an eye out for this boy. I actually thought he was much more well-known, then realized he wasn't when I publicized to everybody that "PETER CINCOTTI IS DOING A SHOW DOWNTOWN AND IT'S REALLY CHEAP!"

I waited for my friends to react by giving an excited whoop, or maybe just pass-out cold because they couldn't contain the thrill, but they all just asked, "Who is Peter Cincotti?"

Peter Cincotti is a knock-out performer and a throwback to a more elegant age, brimming with class, charm, sophistication, romance and personality in the form of a 23-year-old boy.
Diana Rissetto

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Kathryn said...

You are so right! Peter is amazing and perfect combo of frat guy and debonair 1940s. I saw him in concert on the 30th of January and it was so great.
I, like you, am always suprised that he isn't more well known. But, at the same time I kind of relish having his music to myself. haha.
Great review!
kathryn (